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      Unleash the potential of 3d rendered illustrations

      We’ve long advocated the use of 3D rendered illustrations as an excellent way of showing – often hidden – products clearly in their construction context, but that’s not the full extent of rendered illustration potential.

      CDP are now able to offer fully realised 3D scenes and roomsets.

      Unleash the potential of 3d rendered illustrations

      How we do this

      Using the latest rendering software with photo-realistic texturing and lighting technologies, our expert 3D illustrators are able to generate fully-fledged, authentic environments… from nothing.

      3d rendered illustration for Prospec by CDP
      3d rendered illustration for Prospec by CDP

      Well, not quite nothing. It’s always nice to have a brief of some kind!

      But let’s say you are a product manufacturer with a new range, a new finish or a new system that needs to be launched, but isn’t yet in application, or maybe even not yet in production (sound familiar?).

      Or you have projects completed, but none of them are suitable for a new target market that you wish to develop.

      These kinds of CGI renders can be used to create marketing collateral even if the product doesn’t yet exist, enabling you to unleash communication and marketing processes that hit the ground running while manufacturing and technical catch up.

      Washroom illustration for Prospec by CDP
      As well as creating ‘substance’ where perhaps it doesn’t yet exist, they are superb for demonstrating creative thinking, off-the-wall design, and boundary-pushing applications in beautiful, exciting and totally convincing ways.
      Washroom illustration for Prospec by CDP

      Ashley Collins

      Ashley Collins is a Writer and Director of Communication Design Partnership, a graphic design agency which specialises in designing and producing literature and digital publishing materials, exclusively for the construction industry.

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