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      Getting your sustainability message across to the construction industry

      The sustainability message

      Over the last ten years, a huge range of subjects, issues and company functions have fallen under the sustainability umbrella and now sustainability credentials are expressed not just in terms of ‘recycled content’ or ‘cradle to grave impact’ but substantiated by such issues as quality accreditations, community support, employment and skills and so on. Getting your sustainability message across in a clear way has never been so important.


      sustainability message
      sustainability message

      CDP have produced a range of sustainability information – stand alone brochures, on-line sections, topic-specific flyers or e-shots – that help unravel this complex area.


      We present sustainability as a structured, quantifiable asset that is related to products, systems or whole product offerings as well as companies, and shows the target audience how those products benefit the environment by achieving specific sustainability targets, prints or ratings.

      We also believe it is vital to show how the designer can achieve better sustainability ratings (BREEAM, CFSH or Passivehaus) for their buildings, by using certain constructions or combinations of materials.

      sustainability message

      Ashley Collins

      Ashley Collins is a Writer and Director of Communication Design Partnership, a graphic design agency which specialises in designing and producing literature and digital publishing materials, exclusively for the construction industry.

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