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Adding substance to social media content

We create memorable and informative graphic content for all forms of social media, html emails, website ads, web takeovers, email sign offs and many more. These are all designed to work hard in busy, competitive visual spaces and give instant cut-through for your messages by using simple strong images, humour, drama or a combination of all of these.

Animated GIFs

Simple, dynamic, low file size, these can cycle through as many frames as needed on a continuous loop. Continuous movement, creates user attention.

Social media content – animated GIFs
Social media content – animated GIFs

Mini animations

Created from a variety of media (still images, animation and real footage) these can be used to explain processes – like installation or how to get the most out of an app – or to enhance case studies. Though they contain rich visual content, they can be crunched down to file sizes to suit Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and others.

Static posts

Usually forming a series over time, these allow a Tweet or post a day and keep your social presence ticking over by adding substance through continuous, fresh content.

Social media content
Social media content


Simple, eye-catching ways of communicating quite complex stories by condensing all messages into well-crafted icons, images and graphics, these can be animated, still, printed or broken down into their component parts to use a single posts.

Social media content – infographics
Social media content – infographics
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