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      Revealing the secrets of a secret-fix system


      Introducing the simple, but effective, Button-Fix Type 1 Metal secret-fix panel fastener system.


      • New Type 1 Metal Fix animation



      • Create an animation which clearly demonstrates the simple but effective Type 1 Metal Fix secret-fix panel fastener system.
      • The new Type 1 Metal Fix is designed for use with fire-rated panels in environments where fire smoke toxicity is a concern. The same fastener can be installed either surface mounted or recessed).


      • Our references included a product sample and a CAD illustration, exported as an .OBJ by the client.
      • By importing this into our Cinema 4D software, we were able to generate accurate models of the fastener system components.
      • Working on a storyboard devised with the client, we added context, textures, lighting and shadow effects to clearly show how the fastener worked.
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