Shade and Shelter message

Kensington Systems identity

Kensington Systems provide innovative shade and shelter products for more beautiful, functional spaces. With many years of industry experience, they have built a reputation for providing durable, creative indoor and outdoor solutions.

Kensington systems identity


  • Rebranding, literature and website


  • Kensington Systems


  • Update the Kensington Systems identity to promote their growing product offering, including fixed and freestanding canopies, walkways, cycle shelters, internal and external solar shading blinds.


  • The all new Kensington Systems brand promotes the company’s re-launched ‘Shade and Shelter’ message
  • The new website is packed with new, inspiring case studies, videos and eye-catching photography.
  • Aimed at specifiers and the construction industry, rather than homeowners
Kensington systems identity
Kensington systems identity
Kensington systems identity

3a Lakeview Stables
St Clere
TN15 6NL

01732 763600

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