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      Total focus on construction marketing

      As a construction marketing agency, we excel at writing, designing and illustrating technical and promotional communications. These can be either print or digital marketing for product/system manufacturers and material producers. Our work is targeted at Architects, Specifiers, Contractors and Specialist Sub-contractors. Our total focus on construction marketing means we also target Housebuilders and Developers, Surveyors, Engineers, Facility Managers and End-users.

      Construction marketing – literature


      We are experts at designing and production of a full range of construction industry literature. Often printed, this material may equally be used as PDFs for online distribution.

      • Promotional, DM or sales material.
      • Comprehensive, fully detailed and illustrated technical/specifier guides and manuals.
      • Targeted to the correct construction user group.
      • Visually powerful, engaging and on-brand, easy to use, informative and accurate.
      • Manage printing and distribution of literature (if required) through established and high quality printers.

      Photography and retouching

      • We commission a range of professional photographers experienced in working for construction companies.
      • We develop photographic briefs, commission, direct on-site and retouch.
      • All retouching is carried out in-house to an exceptionally high standard.
      • We handle the whole photographic process.
      Construction marketing – 3d illustration

      3D illustrations

      Our in-house illustrators produce everything from simple line and tint illustrations through to fully rendered illustrations of 3D objects, building products, animations and fly-throughs. All done in-house.

      • Careful to match the illustration type and technique to the medium, target and budget.
      • We ensure that any illustration – simple or complex – is clear and accurate.
      • Our illustrations deliver the maximum amount of focused information possible.
      • Our 3D models are especially high impact visually and informative.
      Construction marketing - animation


      Many of our technical or 3D illustrations are developed into animations. It is said that a picture is worth a 1,000 words. Therefore an animation – correctly produced to show unique product features, or distinctive installation attributes – can be worth a 1,000 pictures.

      • We create highly rendered images especially suited to animation sequences.
      • Our still 3d renders can be ‘re-purposed’ for use in animations, reducing costs.
      • Animation offers the ability to zoom in, pan across, change angle and drop through solids.
      • These attributes give ample scope to communicate the most complex of objects or to fly through complete environments.
      • Animation enables ‘process’ to be explored as well as structure.
      Construction marketing - website design


      As with all our construction marketing, CDP’s websites are designed to present a range of users the solution they need quickly, elegantly and memorably. Simplicity and ease of navigation are key with detailed and comprehensive information. This is delivered only when the user has arrived at the point of need.

      • Finding your way around is as important as looking good. Our sites are carefully considered, structured logically and easy to navigate.
      • We produce fully responsive websites that automatically adjust to the mobile viewing device.
      • All of our sites give you the ability to publish, edit and modify your own content from any device.
      • Developed with SEO in mind, we ensure your site maximises its potential and ranks as highly as possible.
      Construction marketing - apps


      Some forms of information lend themselves specifically to apps. An app can add a new, faster, more direct dimension to our clients’ communication and digital marketing toolkit. They are perfect for delivering specific types of information to their clients more intuitively and rapidly than ever before.

      • Our apps are fully interactive.
      • Searchable, scrollable, swipe and zoom functionality helps you find your way to the right advice, the right system, the right product.
      • All possible within a few seconds on your mobile device.
      • Once the app has been downloaded, no internet connection needed.
      • Ideal for locations where broadband is intermittent, slow or non-existent.
      • Ability to deliver a wealth of easy-to-navigate, easy-to-use information, that’s a click away and with you all the time.
      Construction marketing - CPDs


      CPDs offer the chance to present your solutions to a room full of construction specifiers. Our CPDs make sure that when you do, you are optimising your construction marketing potential. We strive for an appealing, fluid, informative and memorable presentation.

      • The quality and content of our CPDs will make an impression on the audience and reflect the quality and ethos of your product, system or service.
      • We can write, design and produce CPDs from scratch or overhaul and refresh existing material
      • We mix in animation, effects and film footage to enliven them.
      • For many of our clients, we steer CPDs through the RIBA or CPD accreditation process.
      Construction marketing - presentations


      As we do for CPDs, we make sure your presentations optimise your construction marketing potential by making them as engaging, relevant and targeted as possible.

      • The quality and content of our presentations will make an impression on the audience and reflect the quality and ethos of your product, system or service.
      • We can write, design and produce presentations from scratch or overhaul and refresh existing material.
      • We mix in animation, effect and film footage to enliven them.
      • Our presentations range from simple Powerpoint projects to mixed media designed for exhibitions, websites, reception areas and many others.
      Construction marketing - branding


      We create coherent and comprehensive branding and corporate identities for our construction clients.

      • We capture the combined essence of their ethos and product/service offers.
      • This may extend from literature to stationery packages, through construction website design and onto clothing and van livery.
      • Whatever the extent and scale, we ensure consistent application and implementation.
      • We often create guidelines for others to ensure the identity is maintained.
      Construction marketing - exhibitions


      Exhibitions are one of the rare forums where the professional construction audience comes to you. This opportunity must be maximised – first by visibility then by instant communication. All of this needs to happen even before a visitor sets foot on your stand.

      • Exhibition graphic panels or whole stand graphics.
      • Designed to attract first with simple eye-catching images, messages and branding.
      • Closer up, to communicate, explain and inform.
      • Alongside exhibition graphics we can produce similarly branded construction marketing material. This includes technical promotional brochures, fliers, give-aways or other printed material to create complete exhibition packages.
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