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Solving the identity puzzle


This new identity for CDUK uses a simple, elegant and memorable logo, name-style and descriptor to express the service-orientated, solution-driven and high-end creative nature of CDUK’s solid surface business.

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CDUK website
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  • Complete new identity for CDUK.



  • Move away from a generic, non-representative branding.
  • Create a logo and brand that reflects quality, aesthetics and partnership-led solutions for a range of target audiences.
  • Develop a descriptor that encapsulates the ethos of CDUK.
  • Ensure that the identity is comprehensive without being restrictive.


  • An elegant and refined, but extremely versatile ‘tangram’ logo that expresses the company’s problem-solving drive as well as representing the solid surface product ranges they sell.
  • A name style and descriptor that fully integrate with the logo to form a cohesive and considered whole, and, together, express the complete company philosophy and outlook.
  • A comprehensive and detailed set of guidelines that fully scaffold the application and use of all the logo elements – as well as colour, use of tangram elements, tone of voice and much more – giving enough support and guidance for the identity not to be misused or diluted, but also allowing creativity and range across all marketing platforms and assets.
  • A marque of quality and distinction that is simple but elegant, endlessly flexible, timeless, but contemporary and memorable.
  • Identity being rolled out across website, print material, social media, giveaways, signage, vehicle livery etc..
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