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Cedral weatherboard user estimator tool

User benefits

  • A simple, easy-to-use estimator tool that easily calculates how many Cedral planks are needed to clad a residence
  • Works out how many trims are required for that extra finishing touch.
  • Fixing information and video guides to help user understand installation of Cedral planks, plus an inspirational gallery of Cedral applications
  • The app provides full GDPR-compliant options to contact a Cedral representative or have the final estimates sent to the nearest (by post code) Cedral supplier and installer

Client benefits

  • Enables potential clients so see full range and calculate numbers of components for their projects
  • Client projects and pre-calculated ‘bills of quantity’ passed through to Cedral stockists
  • Generates solid and qualified leads and increases sales


In the client’s words

CDP were instrumental in the design and development of this exciting new, practical and popular estimator tool.

Nicola Johnson, Cedral Campaign Manager

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