Marley Eternit Sitework App

The business of specifying and installing roofs is becoming ever-more complex.

You have to meet the building regs, comply with health and safety legislation, have to be BS 5534-compliant, have to provide proper ventilation, have to produce good-looking, weather tight roofs on budget, on time and so on.

As a leading roofing materials supplier, Marley Eternit recognises this complexity and asked CDP to produce a tool that makes both the selection AND installation process for roofing systems easier.

The ME ‘Sitework Guide’ App does just that.

Fully interactive, you can search, scroll, swipe and zoom your way to the right advice, the right system, the right product and then, all the clearly explained steps to install it properly – all possible within a few seconds on your phone or tablet. Once the app has been downloaded, you do not need an internet connection – ideal for sites where broadband is intermittent, slow or non-existent.

All fixing details in the App comply with BS 5534 and NHBC recommendations, are shown with clear text and illustrations, and many with other media such as additional animations or exploded views. This allows the contractor to choose the detailing option most suited to the project, and to be certain that they are always following best practice.

Marley Eternit call it the ‘Pocket Expert’.

That’s exactly what it’s intended to be. A wealth of easy-to-navigate, easy-to-use information, that’s a click away and with you all the time, in the office or in a meeting, on site or on the roof.

We believe this kind of tool can add a new, faster, more direct dimension to our clients’ communication and marketing toolkit by delivering specific types of information to them more intuitively and rapidly than ever before.

Appy days are here again (sorry), so please contact us if you want to harness this technology to promote your products, systems or services.

The Sitework Guide App can be downloaded from the App Store, Google Play or Amazon by searching for Marley Eternit, or visit

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