Integrated campaigns

Marketing campaigns built around a consistent design theme can reach multiple audiences with multiple targeted messages but retain a common stamp of authority and identity.

In other words, however disparate the format, medium and content of the material, the end user will recognise the visual stamp (and therefore hopefully the quality and relevance!) of the sender.

This brief overview of promotional elements for Marley Eternit shows how very diverse print elements aimed separately at specifiers, merchants, contractors and installers can all express different ‘tones’ and formats but retain a powerful common brand identity.

For Direct Mail

Simple messages and promotion of benefits are key. Deliver the message quickly and have clear calls to action to find out more.

For Merchants

Direct, explanatory range information conveyed through posters, price lists, point of sale display and much more….

For Contractors

Practical, durable pocket-sized, containing ‘how-to’, ‘where to get it’ and ‘what is the kit of parts’ information.

For Specifiers

Product and technical information that is easy to navigate, visually high impact, well illustrated detailed and accurate.

Point of sale, price lists and more...

Displays, exhibition graphics, one off promotions and more…


Web banners, e-shots, ‘micro’ sites and more…