Animation for the construction industry

Many of our technical or 3D illustrations are developed into animations. If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, then an animation – correctly produced to show unique product features, or distinctive installation attributes – is worth a 1,000 pictures.

Highly rendered images are especially suited to animation sequences and the ability to zoom in, or pan back, change angle and drop through solids gives ample scope to communicate the most complex of objects or to fly through complete environments.

Button-Fix fasteners

A simple animation to how this simple fixing works. Invisible, strong and highly versatile, for where mechanical fixings are not suitable.

The Sika City

Fly through for Sika structural sealants division showing the versatility and high performance of the product range.

Fixed canopy

Animation promoting the key features and benefits of Kensington aluminium canopies which are ideal for use as entrances and drop-off areas, walkways, outdoor play and learning centres, etc.

Buzon DPH pedestal

Animation to show how this adaptable system can be used.

BASF plc

Fly through animation showing where PU (polyurethane) is used in the built environment

Single ply roofing build-up to abutment

A series of animations to clearly demonstrate typical build-ups of ALKORPLAN and ALKORGREEN single ply roofing systems, for international waterproofing and roofing membrane manufacturer Renolit.

These were created for the client to use in CPD presentations, on the UK website and for general content marketing.

Mabey Bridge

Fly through animation showing overview of company’s offering.

Specialist bathing

Sample animation showing specialist bath to be used for assisted bathing in the healthcare and care sectors.